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Faith Formation

Mission Statement

The Faith Formation team of St. Mary and St. John the Baptist Parishes, in partnership with parents to help guide their children to eternal salvation.   Assisted by the Spirit of Jesus, we provide information about Jesus and His Holy Church, prayer experiences that invite spiritual transformation to help form a deep relationship with Jesus.  We believe in the presence of Jesus makes the ministry of Faith Formation effective, so young people may respond to the message through growth in faith, worship and Christian service.


Welcome to our Faith Formation Program!

This year, starting September 6th, ALL are invited to our Wednesday night programming: parents, grades 3K -11, parishioners, non-parishioners, families – EVERYONE!

If your child is in grades 3K-11 and you are looking to register them for Faith Formation, First Reconciliation, First Communion or Confirmation preparation classes, please click on the link below to find our registration form: 

Grades 3K – Grade 1 registration: Click Here

  • Level 1 (ages 3-5) Wednesdays from 4-5:15pm
  • Level 2 (ages 6/7 or Grade 1) Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45pm


 Grades 2-11 registration: Click Here

  • Wednesdays from 5:55-7:30pm *Mass included

If you would like to receive the Faith Formation emails and updates, or would like more information about joining or volunteering for our program, please contact Bethany Doll at 725-7714 ext. 424 or at bdoll@smcatholicschools.org

Specific calendars below for Wednesday Night F.U.E.L., Faith Formation, Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation classes are coming soon!

Sacrament Information


The practice in the Diocese of Green Bay is to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) prior to receiving First Communion. This means that most children will prepare in Grade 2. The preparation program begins in September with a meeting for parents. The textbook is distributed, as well as a handbook for parents to help families prepare for the celebration. We use the textbook, BLESSED: First Reconciliation by Dynamic Catholic. The children are prepared at home with additional review at Faith Formation or St. Mary Elementary. They will also attend Parish preparation events, including a retreat. First Reconciliation is generally held in December.

For more information contact Bethany Doll at (920)725-7714 ext. 424

Times for the individual celebration of the sacrament of Reconciliation are listed in the bulletin.


The Holy Eucharist – First Communion

Children in second grade and older who have not received First Eucharist and have been baptized are eligible for this sacrament.

The preparation program begins in January with a meeting for parents.  The textbook is distributed, as well as a handbook for parents to help families prepare for the celebration. We use the textbook, BLESSED: First Communion by Dynamic Catholic. The children are prepared at home with additional review at Faith Formation or St. Mary Elementary. They will also attend Parish preparation events, including a retreat. First Communion generally happens in April or May.

It is expected that children will have completed Grade 1 (or at least one year, if an older student) in Faith Formation, Catholic School, or another setting prior to beginning preparation for First Eucharist.  This gives the child better grounding in and knowledge of the faith, learning and memorization of prayers, etc.

For more information contact Bethany Doll at (920)725-7714 ext. 424

Sacrament of Confirmation

Juniors and seniors in high school, who have not been confirmed, and have been baptized and received their First Communion, are eligible to participate in the preparation program for Confirmation.

All students must have participated in at least 1 year of prior religious education(grade 10) or gone through grade 10 in a Catholic school or have made up for that training before being Confirmed. Candidates select a sponsor who works with them throughout the final stages of the preparation process. In addition to classes, the candidate attends a retreat, and completes service in the parish and larger community.

We generally celebrate Confirmation in May.

Confirmation Sponsor

Role of Sponsor

“As they become familiar with the Christian way of life, and are helped by the example and support of sponsors, godparents, and the entire Christian community, the catechumens learn to turn more readily to God in prayer, to bear witness to the faith, in all things to keep their hopes set on Christ, to follow supernatural inspiration in their deeds, and to practice love of neighbor, even at the cost of self renunciation.” RCIA 75.2

Expectations of Sponsors

A sponsor should be someone who models the Catholic faith and a life of discipleship to the best of their ability. The sponsor should be someone who truly can support the candidate in the desire to believe in Jesus Christ and to live out that belief in daily life.  The sponsor must also be willing to challenge the candidate on un-Christian attitudes or actions, when that is necessary, and to pray with the candidate and encourage the candidate.  Practically speaking, this means that the sponsor must be someone with whom the candidate can have actual contact with during the preparation period. Additionally, we recommend that he/she can attend some (or all) of the classes with the candidate.

A sponsor should according to Canon Law be:

  • Not a parent of the candidate
  • At least 16 years old
  • Has received the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation in the Catholic church
  • Is a practicing Catholic

For more information contact Bethany Doll at (920)725-7714 ext. 424



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Bethany Doll
Faith Formation Coordinator

Email: bdoll@smcatholicschools.org
Phone: 725-7714 x 424



2023-2024 Faith Formation Calendar
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2023-2024 First Reconciliation and First Communion Calendar

Reconciliation Handbook

Reconciliation Handbook

Liability Form

2022-23 SM/SJ Liability Form


How can you get involved?

We rely solely on volunteers to help teach and spread the Gospel message of Jesus.  Please prayerfully consider being a catechist, classroom aide, help with the meals before class, etc. Contact Bethany for more information to see where we need help!

What catechists have to say about their ministry…

              “Teaching religion is very rewarding and helps you to grow in your own faith journey”. – Vicky.

              “Let Go Let God enter your life!” –   Laurie

Being a Catechist

So what does it mean to me:

It means sharing faith and love,

Truly a gift sent by God above.

It means time out of your day,

It’s time that I look at now that I wouldn’t spend any other way.

Seeing the smiles on the kids shining through and understanding Gods message comes from the heart,

It’s an understanding that delivering Gods message I am doing my part.

It’s so much bigger than going every week,

We are called to do this by God and it makes you humble and meek.

Before I signed up a commitment was all I could see,

But then the Holy Spirit came to guide me.

Now I get the chills and a feeling I can’t complain ,

It’s not a commitment but rather it’s a blessing and a feeling you can’t explain.

You are giving so much to the children who are our future in society,

It’s helping to pave their way created by you and me.

We can do something, it comes from the heart,

We are being called by God - let’s do our part.

We are in need of people to help us continue,

I hope the Holy Spirit will reach out to some of you.

~Stacy Berman