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Mission Statement

The Faith Formation team of St. Mary and St. John the Baptist Parishes, in partnership with parents to help guide their children to eternal salvation.   Assisted by the Spirit of Jesus, we provide information about Jesus and His Holy Church, prayer experiences that invite spiritual transformation to help form a deep relationship with Jesus.  We believe in the presence of Jesus makes the ministry of Faith Formation effective, so young people may respond to the message through growth in faith, worship and Christian service.

Faith Formation Classes are currently in person

(Excepting grades 9+10 who are virtual)

If you are sick, or not comfortable coming to class, you can join us virtually at 6pm on Wednesday evenings—please check the weekly email for more information.

If you don’t receive the Faith Formation weekly email, or would like more information about joining our program, please contact Bethany Doll

Faith Formation classes take place on Wednesday evenings for grades 1-11 at 6pm

“Feed Your Soul”  On Wednesday Faith Formation Nights there is Eucharistic Adoration in the Chapel beginning at 5:30 pm through 7:15 pm.  Come and spend some quiet time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  All of our Faith Formation students are given opportunities to develop this kind of connection with Jesus during Exposition. Eucharistic Adoration: 12 Reasons to spend an hour with Jesus

See the specific calendars below for Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation classes

This year for Faith Formation we are introducing, “The Chosen”. This is a fully crowd-funded TV series about the Life of Jesus. It was directed by Dallas Jenkins, who created the concept for the series.

Perhaps you identify with the struggles of Peter. Or maybe it’s Matthew. Or Mary Magdalene. With The Chosen, you see your own flaws and struggles in the characters. You watch them search for purpose, pre-Christ. You see their lives transformed, post-Christ. It’s a testimony every Christian can share.   

“That's absolutely the goal,” Jenkins said. “We believe that if you can see Jesus through the eyes of those who actually encountered Him, and can actually identify with these people, then you can perhaps be changed and impacted in the same way that they were. You're saying, ‘OK, I can identify with the struggle. And therefore I can identify with the victory.’ And it makes it that much more powerful.”

Check out the episodes we have watched so far:

The Chosen Episode 1

The Chosen Episode 2

The Chosen Episode 3

The Shepherd (Christmas Special from the makers of The Chosen)

To get more in-depth information about the episodes, check out the blog below!

 The Chosen In-Depth (blog by Rebecca Siar)

Click the document below to get more in-depth information about this month’s episode!

The Chosen, more info

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Bethany Doll
Faith Formation Coordinator

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 725-7714 x 424



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Reconciliation Handbook

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How can you get involved?

We rely solely on volunteers to help teach and spread the Gospel message of Jesus.  Please prayerfully consider being a catechist, classroom aide, help with the meals before class, etc. Contact Bethany for more information

What catechists have to say about their ministry…

              “Teaching religion is very rewarding and helps you to grow in your own faith journey”. – Vicky.

              “Let Go Let God enter your life!” –   Laurie